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Faith Guam

Faith Bookstores and Distributor has been in operation since 1955 on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific Ocean. We began as a reading room for service personnel and broadened out into selling books of every type and description.

We exist to serve our customers with material and services which will strengthen their relationships, first with God and then with other persons. Because our Christian stance encourages us to include all aspects of life under the rule of Jesus Christ, we have a wide latitude in what we will carry and sell. Even if we personally do not agree with the material, we recognize that many people are searching for God and a significant relationship to Him — and, that many elements, ideas and other people can impact to bring them closer to God. Of course, it can work the other way, also, but we trust the work of the Holy Spirit to produce the fruits of salvation.

Faith Bookstore was started around 1955 as a reading room for armed service personnel. During the next few years, many people asked to buy the books which were displayed. In 1959, we received our first business license and we count that year as our founding. Since that year we have been blessed with entrepreneurial managers who developed the store into the only large retail outlet for new books in Micronesia until 1992. The emphasis was on services which regular retail in this part of the world could not provide. We were able to offer these since we were subsidized for all these years. Only in 1992 were we able to break even. During the years we have developed from carrying only Christian material to also providing secular books. This was to serve the constant and high demand from the community and give opportunity for every type of person to enter a Christian bookstore and peruse the Christian titles as well as secular ones. The intention is to make Christianity attractive by providing a very low-key and friendly context for persons to browse. We still provide secular material which is difficult for other bookstores to carry such as specialized publications for the construction industry. We also provide a special ordering and research service. In October, 2000 we opened our second store in Compadres Mall, Harmon Loop Road, Dededo. On December 8, 2002, Typhoon Pongsona destroyed the Hagatna store. Faith Bookstore was able to continue operating at the Dededo location. In 2005, We moved back to Hagatna and are here today.

Faith Bookstores & Distributor is owned by Faith Ministries, Inc; A entity affiliated with Faith Presbyterian Reformed Church of Guam. It was owned by Christian Reformed World Missions, an agency of the Christian Reformed denomination in the United States and Canada, but the CRWM has sold it’s interest in Faith Bookstore and pulled out of Guam. The bookstore is currently managed by Nancy Van Dox, General Manager.